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Suggest a Global Voices Strategy Group

Is there a big-picture question that you’d like explore with your fellow GV community members? A specific challenge that you’d like to work on solving collaboratively?

As part of the ongoing Global Voices Strategy Process, we are inviting GV community members to get together in small groups to think about issues that affect us as a community and an organization, or to work collaboratively on a specific task that could make our work even more effective.

If you have ideas for any of the above, please add them to the Feedback Form below, and also “up vote” the ideas you think are most important for Global Voices.

We’re looking for ideas and innovations related to all parts of Global Voices: community life, specific GV sections (e.g.. Newsroom, Advox, Rising Voices, NewsFrames, etc.), specific regions, languages, tools, or anything related to Global Voices goals, operations or aspirations.

We look forward to receiving your input—all ideas welcome!

Please see the Community Blog for further details.

Suggest a Global Voices Strategy Group



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